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Assessment Centres 

What can a student expect of best practice?

  • To be treated respectfully; 
  • Helpful, constructive advice regarding DSA funded support from first contact for the duration of their programme of study;
  • An initial meeting of approximately 1 ½ -2 hours (typically) discussing effects of disability on study, together with constructive proposals for strategies for reducing obstacles, with on-going discussion as necessary;
  • Needs Assessor recommendations to be detailed, relevant, of sufficient quality and duly accessible to enable effective study;
  • Needs Assessment report normally sent to the funding body within 10 working days of meeting;
  • Assessment Centre Team to assist students with the implementation of support recommendations for equipment and services as necesary, including help with identifying suitable alternative providers, where relevant. 
  • Needs Assessor/Assessment Centre to respond promptly and constructively to post-report queries.