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Autism Spectrum

Autism Spectrum Social/Communication impairment (Asperger's syndrome/other ASD)

The National Austic Society have kindly provided the following sources for guidance: 

Detailed guidelines on supporting ASD students

Practical Support Strategies

NAS Student Mentor Guide

This documents includes:
Responsibilities of Student Mentor
  1. Meet the student at agreed times and locations.
  2. Advise the student by email/text of any unavoidable changes to arrangement at least 24 hours in advance.
  3. Keep a record of work done and issues arising, which can be referred to in review meetings with the Disability Service
  4. Communicate with the student in clear and specific terms, providing written instruction as a back up where appropriate (eg in tasks the student may be required to complete in their own time).
  5. Attend regular meetings and training,as required by the Disability Service.
  6. Any other support consistent with the defined role of student mentor.
Responsibilities of Student
  1. Meet your mentor at agreed times and locations.
  2. Advise your mentor by email of any unavoidable changes to arrangements at least 24 hours in advance.
  3. Attend review meetings with the Disability Service when requested.
  4. Communicate any concerns or difficulties in working with your mentor to your Disability Adviser.