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Privacy Policy


  • 'AfEP', 'AfEP-DSA' or 'Association for Ethical Practice' includes anyone involved with the administration of AfEP-DSA
  • 'User', 'Users', 'Contributors', 'Community' are anyone outside the AfEP-DSA's organisation that have registered with AfEP-DSA
  • 'DSA' refers to Disabled Student Allowance
  • 'Password' refers to the secret question required to login into their user account

Personal Information

  • AfEP-DSA will retain and disclose data only in line with the Data Protection Acts 1984 and 1998
  • AfEP-DSA will request various personal details as part of the default registration process
  • AfEP-DSA will comply with any lawful request for data
  • AfEP-DSA will make every reasonable effort to keep your private information private however we cannot guarantee this
  • AfEP-DSA reserves the right to change their privacy policy any time so please check back regularly. If you find it falls outside what you deem reasonable please contact us or discontinue using AfEP-DSA
  • AfEP-DSA reserves the right to use various third party tracking tools to ensure a more secure authenticated user experience


  • AfEP-DSA will make every reasonable effort to keep your information secure however we are not liable if your information is lost of stolen. All users should use a strong unique password to ensure better security

Web Browser Cookies

  • AfEP-DSA requires the user to have cookies enabled to use the forum and various restricted areas of the site. These cookies are limited to tracking your movements and submissions on only

Internet Protocol Address

  • For security reasons your IP (Internet Protocol) address is logged every time you use AfEP-DSA