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Terms of Service


  • 'Materials' this refers to any text, video or photo's used within AfEP-DSA's website
  • 'AfEP', 'AfEP-DSA' or 'Association for Ethical Practice' includes anyone involved with the administration of AfEP-DSA
  • 'User', 'Users', 'Contributors', 'Community' are anyone outside the AfEP-DSA's organisation that have registered with AfEP-DSA
  • 'DSA' refers to Disabled Students’ Allowances

Outline and Disclaimers

  • All 'Terms or Service' listed here along with our 'Privacy Policy' should be read and agreed before registering with AfEP-DSA
  • Upon registering the user is deemed to have read and understood the legal agreements and is bound by the same
  • AfEP-DSA has the right to amend it's legal agreements at any time without warning thus all registered Users automatically agree to the effected change. Please check back regularly to see if our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy has changed. If any revision doesn't meet your approval you can contact us or discontinue using AfEP-DSA
  • While AfEP-DSA will make every reasonable endeavour to keep information private, we are not responsible if user information or identity is lost or stolen
  • Our Service
  • AfEP-DSA is a 'Disabled Student Allowance' information and community site where contributors discuss with other students and practitioners various practices, be they organisations or funding bodies.
  • AfEP-DSA will make reasonable efforts to ensure information is correct but cannot guarantee that it will not be misleading, offensive or inaccurate

The User agrees that they SHALL NOT:

  • Post misleading information
  • Make false claims that they've had bad experiences with various individuals or organisations, appropriate actions will be taken if this happens
  • Infringe any copyrighted, patented, proprietary materials
  • Bully, harass, insult or threaten any other users
  • Post any links to resources that can potentially contain computer malware, viruses, Trojans and the like
  • The user registering must be 18+ years of age to use this service
  • The user is responsible for their account along with any unauthorised use and consequential actions there of
  • The user must make every effort to keep their login information their own. We DO NOT encourage you to share your login information with any third party under any circumstances


  • AfEP DSA is not liable if a failure occurs within the service, be it a delay, loss of information, site outage, errors, website attacked, third party intervention, severe natural occurrences (floods, lightning, fire) or any other force of nature
  • All legal actions are subject to UK Law and will be deemed as such
  • If at any point part of these terms and conditions are deemed invalid by UK Law the remaining areas shall remain unaffected

Breach of Use

  • AfEP-DSA reserves the right to take proportionate actions necessary for anyone who breaches these terms and if deemed a serious offence are subject to the full force of UK law